Back in the day, when I first started selling Wedgwood in the early 1990's, I advertised in a weekly newspaper called The Antique Trader. It was over 100 pages of items for sale. I had to type up an ad and fax it in. Interested buyers would call me (on the phone!) to make purchases and then send me a check through the mail. It sounds so antiquated when I read it back. Anyway, I did that for years. I discovered ebay and joined up in 1997 and everything became so much simpler. Well, sort of, because nothing is perfect.

Much like I have been a collector my whole life, I have also been a cat lover. Featured here are Simon and Mirabelle.

Simon was born in August of 2006. He is most likely a purebred sealpoint Siamese but he was a rescue so I'm not positive. He came to CT from a high kill shelter in Paris, Kentucky and I found him on Petfinder. He is friendly, inquisitive, not overly smart, and stays by my side whenever possible.

Mirabelle was born in May, 2008. She was a feral rescue and is a Lynxpoint Siamese mix. Her mother was a Siamese, father unknown. She is scared of strangers and loves only me. She is smart and interesting and never met a toy she wouldn't play with.

Fast forward to 2010. I had been working in corporate America and selling on ebay when I had time, all the while building an inventory that I hoped could support me. I was also increasing my knowledge and reputation on ebay as The Wedgwood Lady. It was time to take the plunge. In June of 2010 I left my "real" job to sell on ebay full time.

As 2012 came into view, I realized I wanted a comfortable work space. I had been working out of my garage. The novelty had worn off that awhile ago. Cold in the winter, hot in the summer, and quickly running out of room to expand. I talked to a contractor about putting an addition on my house to accommodate my growing Wedgwood business.

I built behind the garage, a 15' x 25' bright beautiful room with heat, air conditioning, 6 windows and a cathedral ceiling. I was the general contractor and the project went smoothly, 5 weeks start to finish. The room looked huge until I started moving in the shelving and Wedgwood. It's 5 years later and I know it's the best thing I ever did.