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I have been a collector my entire life. I think either you are born that way or you simply don’t “get it”. I also think that many antique dealers started out as collectors and as their taste’s changed, they decided to sell their old collections or upgrade to make room for or finance their new obsession.

That’s kind of what happened to me. I started out as a general line antique dealer in a group shop in 1990. I sold a little bit of everything including Wedgwood. When I saw how in demand the Wedgwood was and how fast it was gobbled up, I decided that’s the route I wanted to take. In 1994 I started to specialize and also started to collect lilac Wedgwood jasperware.

I got involved with some of the collector’s societies and met others who became my mentors and fueled my interest. Today I have a large collection of antique Wedgwood dipped lilac jasperware and have had my collection featured in 2 books.

9,000+ Shipments to over 35 Countries in 23 Years of Business

I have been buying and selling Wedgwood since the early 1990's. Once I realized that jasperware was just the tip of the iceberg, I became aware of the endless variety of Wedgwood that was made over a 250 year period.

As my tastes changed, so did the focus of my buying. Wedgwood made thousands of different china patterns in every possible design and color. That's where I have concentrated my business.

To date, I have mailed packages to all 50 states and many countries around the world such as the UK, Australia, Japan, Russia, the Netherlands, Canada, Switzerland, Germany and Singapore, to name a few.

I have figured out how to get valuable, breakable items to their destinations safely and with no breakage.

Helping Families Find and Replace China Since 1997


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In 1997 I joined eBay and my life changed. In 2010 I was able to leave corporate America and buy and sell Wedgwood full time, specializing in bone china replacement, the old and the unusual.

My business has grown tremendously with the help of eBay. I love acquiring pieces that I can’t believe are Wedgwood.

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